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character or Word Counter is a count of your character or word you entered text/paragraph. In addition to counting words and characters, our online editor can help you with word choice and literary style and, alternatively, help you find no of word or character available.
To test the word count, simply place your cursor in the text box above and start typing. As you type, delete and edit, you will see an increase or decrease in the number of characters and words. You can also copy and paste text from another program in the web editor above. The auto-save feature will confirm that you will not make any changes while editing, although you allow the location and it will be available later.
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It is always important to know the word count of the text. For example, if an author gets to write a minimum or maximum words for writing, essay, you name it. The word operator will help ensure that its word count reaches the selected requirement or stays within a certain range.
In the overview of the descriptions, you will see the speaking and reading time specifically to your lesson, while the reading level is an indicator of the level of education that the person wants to understand the words you are using.
Disclaimer: We try to make our devices as accurate as possible but we cannot guarantee that it will always come.

Yes, you can generate it freely and download it.

No, there is no currently chrome extension for generate Word counter online.

Yes, there is so many application available on play store you can use anyone which you like.

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