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Step 3 :Click the Start Searching button.

Step 4 : Stop Searching and click Export Keywords button save in txt File.

There are many advantages to using long-tailed keywords instead of more general head words.

A. Narrow special subject

As a writer, the more specific the topic, the easier it is to develop content that is meaningful to your visitors. Depending on the interest of the seeker, treatment of depression can mean all sorts of things. They are looking Drugs, treatment centers, physician information? In contrast, herbal remedies for depression are very specific. As a writer, I know they look for the special Herbal remedies to help with depression. You can dig deeper to find long-tail herbal remedies. Such as ginseng depression, ginkgo biloba, and depression or depression and St. John's wort. In each case, using Long-tail keywords, I can offer visitors exactly what they're looking for ... and I make it easy to find Process.

B.The most popular search method

According to research, 70% of website traffic comes from long-tail search. Transformation to provide content marketing More naturally valuable information, the way people search is also changing. Search with normal instead By examining terms and results, search engines are becoming more adept at using long-tail terms. Search. This is because they have a high level of confidence that they will get the information they need.

C.High conversion rate

A visitor who uses long-tailed keywords to find your content usually leads with a purchase cycle. They already are He did his own research and found out more about his need. For example, someone is looking for Weber One-Touch Black Grill was just looking for a Weber who was probably more willing to buy it. Mesh. By using long-tailed keywords, you attract visitors who are at the end of the shopping cycle. These are visitors The action you call is likely to follow.

D.Less competition

By using strong 3-5 words, you will get great organic (and free!) Traffic. However, if you decide To boost your SEO when running a pay-per-click campaign, your cost per click (CPC) will also be lower. Others In a word, you will get high performance in relevant keyword searches without a key keyword.

How to use Long Tail keywords

Now that you've got some good phrases, it's time to incorporate them into your SEO strategy. To do this effectively, you will Want to include a long-tail keyword phrase in the following fields (in order of importance):
Page title (appears at the top of the browser; no title) URL
H1 Tag
On-page content
Link in text
Image alt tag
Site navigation
Meta Description
A point about how to use them in the meta description, Google no longer uses them as a ranking factor. However, still Highlight keywords in search results to make your page stand out. So it is still good to use it in your description

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