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The most dangerous computer viruses have been disappearing. Macro and script viruses are almost extinct.But in the meantime there was an increase in Trojans, Backside, rootkits and spyware that can be used to remotely control PCs. Spyware programs included malware which ranged from 55.1% to 67.6%.

Rootkits are becoming famous. They are used by virus writers to remotely control infected computers and steal money and carry out DDoS attacks.

In the world of Windows, the term rootkit is commonly used to describe viruses and malware programs that use a special technique to hide in a system environment. In Unix environments, rootkits are often rewritten operating system tools used to hide data from users. For example, the ls command can be rewritten to not display some files.

There are user-mode rootkits and kernel-mode rootkits. User-mode rootkits are basically common processes that can be easily detected and removed. Kernel-mode rootkits are hidden within the operating system and can be very difficult to detect and remove.