Step 1: Go to, search for a video.

Step 2: Copy Link to the video (Ex:

fb downloader step

Step 3: Paste that URL in the box given above and then click the Download button.
fb downloader steps
Step 4: Choose your video resolution and Download it.

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This tool provides free Download Video and watch any time without the internet.

Online tools to download Facebook videos for free

This tool is only a few seconds grabe your FB videos completely. Download free fbvideo in Full HD(1280x720)High Resolution, HD (480x360)High Quality, SD (320x180)Medium Quality, and also in Small size. Its currently supported formats are: video(HD, HQ, 1080p, etc). facebbookvideodownloader is free and fast get allows you to save any Facebook video on your computer, cell phone, tablet iPhone or any other device for future use.

Yes, you can download it freely any videos.

Full HD(High Resolution), HD (High Quality), SD (Medium Quality), small size.

No, there is not currently provided chrome extension for saving Facebook video downloader free tool website

Yes, there is so many application available on play store you can use anyone which you like.

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